I am an entrepreneur and an investor. I am currently working on ideas in healthcare, edge computing, crypto/blockchain, and private computing.

Previously I was the EVP of AI at Sharecare via acquisition of doc.ai where I served as the CTO. My interests are in combining poly-omics data with AI in healthcare and life-sciences and developing AI to assist in medical data understanding.

I am also the co-founder of the open-source focused company called Hammer Of The Gods where we are building products, technology, and teams focused on edge (mobile / MCUs/ sensors) and privacy (computations/inferences/learning).

Previously I built the Human API’s health network providing a unified API platform for any type of health data.

As a volunteer I serve as CTO of TEDxSanFrancisco and serve as the vice chair of IEEE decentralized clinical trials group.

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Making healthcare and web3 work for the next billion people


Investing and building in edge, privacy, AI, healthcare, crypto, and decentralization. https://sharma.ai/